Foam lining

GRP Lining Services - The Koi Pond Fibreglassing Specialists, are the ORIGINAL UK company offering the total service for same day* polyurethane foam and fibreglass lining. From bare blocks to a fully insulated and 100% waterproof koi pond in the same day!

Foam as a replacement for render Our original polyurethane foam lining system offers a speedy and simple alternative to rendering your koi pool in preparation for our quality pond fibreglassing system.

Please note our PU foam is not sprayed directly to your pool but is applied using semi rigid boards which can be sculpted to virtually any shape of pool.

The PU boards can be applied to damp walls totally eliminating the need to wait for render to dry out and then be fibreglassed. Pools with serious water ingress need specialist preparation that we are happy to advise about.

Window frames can be incorporated from the PU boards on the inside of the pool therefore dispensing with angle iron or aluminium framework for viewing windows. We can round the corners of your pool vertically and horizontally to aid water flow around your pool without using bricks or blockwork. For an example of how this is done, please download the PDF document below.

Window Example

Koi pond window design
The majority of ponds we sealed from 2005 onwards were pre lined with 12mm PU tiles.

pre foam pond heat loss
post foam pond heat loss
Heat loss due to uninsulated wall covering (left). Retained heat due to PU foam lined surface (right).


*Subject to size

Customer Testimonial

"Not often on site these days!  But would like to give my recommendation for Matt Williams, who came to my neck of the woods a couple of years ago and did my pond, Bromley, Kent, Greater London. He did a great job and at a very reasonable price and in the snow!!! "

Originally posted on the Koi Mag Forum by user Sugar, January 2007

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