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Ponds Fibreglassed By GRP Lining Services - Koi Pond Fibreglassing Specialists.

Over the years we've lined literally hundreds of ponds of all shapes and sizes, below are just a few examples of some of the ponds we've worked on.

Medium sized koi pool Scunthorpe

Koi pond fibreglassed by GRP in scunthorpe

Many people claim that fibreglassing cannot be done during the colder months. This pond, fibreglassed in the middle of a cold January, proves that if the fibreglass is applied correctly , this procedure can be carried out at any time of the year.

Kidney shaped koi pond

large koi ond fibreglassed by grp

This is possibly one of the best built koi ponds we have ever worked on, and it was a pleasure not only to be entrusted with fibre glassing this project but also in being able to give Dave a fibreglass finish to match the rest of the superb build quality.

Coming to my rescue!

A pond fixed using out fibreglassing system

"and yet again I can't recommend them enough for the high quality finish they have produced on my pond"


A stunning pond fibreglassed by GRP

".......the pond was then lined by another specialist company - GRP Lining Services...... this was accomplished smoothly and professionally in one visit."

As featured in Koi Carp Magazine (Feb 2006).

Sunken water feature

A sunken feature fibreglassed by GRP

This small sunken water feature leaked from the day it was built, three years ago! Fibreglass was the perfect solution for a guaranteed waterproof finish.

Shaped water feature.

A shaped feature pond fibreglassed by GRP

"A traditional liner would have simply created too many folds and pleats which look unsightly"

Fibreglass 'wins' over paint

Paint system re-fibreglassed by GRP

The 'revolutionary pond sealing system' (not named for legal reasons) used in this case failed immediately after the pond was filled.

Foam liner and fibreglass installation!

Foam and fibreglassed by GRP

Complete foam liner and fibreglass installation all completed within one day.


Customer Testimonial

"Matt and co. came today at 7.20am and worked at an amazing rate, and left me with a nice shiny black new pond and filters this afternoon.Dead pleased with the results, the finish is dead smooth, glassing was priced similarly to other quotes I had for same materials etc, and from bare blocks to new pond in just a couple of days!”

Originally posted as a comment by a member of the Richdon Koi Forum

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