Doncaster Koi Pond

A truly magnificent pond.

This pond in Doncaster is currently under construction yet it fully deserves its place as a featured pond even before it's finished. The attention to detail seen in laying each individual stone in the facing wall and the solid oak pergola has to be seen in person to be fully understood. The cascading waterfall add even more enigma to this awesome koi pond.

GRP were contacted during the planning stages and this is one pond we were especially pleased to be invited to work on to apply our koi pond fibreglassing system. The owner of the pond is a true gentleman and highly respected member of the Yorkshire Koi Society that has become a very good friend of ours who we are delighted to be associated with not just on a professional level.

Many years of planning have gone into the pond and a two year build process to date (May 2011) are really paying off as you can see. We will update this featured pond on the website as it develops.

A truly magnificent pond, built with a level of dedication I have never seen before in all my years in the koi keeping business.

A pond fibreglassed by GRP in Doncaster

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