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Please note we are now fully booked until the end of 2018.


What areas do you cover?
A 100 mile radius of Derby but excluding Wales. See map.

What is the deepest pond you'll fibreglass?
6 feet.

I'm extending/rebuilding my old fibreglassed pond, can you fibreglass it?
We only work on newly built ponds unless you are on our approved contractors list.

My pond was fibreglassed by someone and it's leaking can you fix it?
Sorry we do not get involved with work of this nature.

I'm after some free technical advice as I want to fibreglass my pond myself.
Sorry we do not offer advisory services.

Can I buy fibreglass meterials from you?
No. This is not a service we offer.

Do you work outside of the UK?

I'm out of your work area can you recommend anyone else?

I'm out of your working area can I pay you extra to fibreglass my pond?
Sorry we do not provide a national service no matter the price.

I want the cheapest price possible because I'm on a budget and I don't care how good the fibreglass is, do you price match?

I've built my pond and I've lined it with Celotex etc just like I read about on the forums, can you fibreglass it for me?
No. We only apply our materials to our trusted insulating lining product that we fit.

Can I have an estimate or fixed price quote by email?
By all means but please include a phone number and post code when making your enquiry.


We are now fully booked until the end of 2018 and are unable to accept any new orders at this time.